Dear colleagues!

We warmly congratulate you on the coming Christmas and New Year.

Let this season of joy will open doors to new opportunities and have new paths of success for you!


On behalf of the whole team of
St. Petersburg Forestry Research Institute
Igor Vasilyev,

At the next plenary session of the Federal Forestry Agency, Director I.A. Vasilev presented the results of Institute’s activities over the past few years.

The main activities of the Federal Budgetary Establishment “Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute” are:

- The development of new chemical compounds for fighting forest fires;

At a meeting with the head of the Federal Forestry Agency of I.V. Valentik employees of the Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute presented for discussion their draft concept, developed at the institute for the intensification of use and regeneration of forests.

The representational delegation of the World Bank in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO UN) organized and conducted a seminar to assess the carbon balance in the projects and programs implemented in the sector of land exploitation, forestry and agriculture ( AFOLU), which was attended by the deputy director A. Konstantinov of the scientific division of Federal Budgetary Establishment “Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute” A.

A solemn ceremony was held on 28 April, 2015 at the Smolny Palace in St. Petersburg to bestow the title of European Forestry Capital 2015 to the city of St. Petersburg. Deputy Director for international and educational activities Koroleva Tatiana Stanislavna represented the Federal Budgetary Establishment “Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute” at the event.

The massive unauthorized burning of dry grass and vegetation in fields, undertaken in the spring for the purposes of clearing is the main cause of the spring forest fires and other wilderness blazes. Every year agricultural field fires spread to the settlements and commercial facilities, causing harm to the health of our country’s inhabitants as well as the Russian economy as a whole.

The Russia-wide conference “Main Highlights in Forestry Management for the Year 2014 and Tasks for 2015, held on April 7 2015 was attended by the director of the Federal Budgetary Establishment “Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute”  I.A.Vasilev, along with deputy directors A.Y.Vorobev and A.A.Stepchenko.

March 19, 2015 at the Residence of the British Ambassador in Moscow was held a joint Russian-British scientific seminar "Climate Change: Risks to human welfare and infrastructure," which was attended by Deputy Directors of the FBE “SPbFRI” A.V. Konstantinov and T.S. Koroleva.

March 19, 2015 the head Scientist of the FBE “SPbFRI”  V.K. Konstantinov participated in the seminar "Modern problems of hydro-technical reclamation of forest and urban areas", which was organized by Moscow State University of Forestry (MSFU).

During the month of March 2015 the Federal Forestry Agency in conjunction with local agencies and subordinate organisations are marking the nation-wide Forestry Awareness Day, timed to coincide with the International Forest Day which is celebrated all over the world on the 21st of March. International Forest Day or Worldwide Day for the Protection of Forests was founded in 1971 and to this day is held annually.