Design activity

Development of equipment for reforestation

A cassette for ball-rooted seedling

The SPbNIILH cassettes of different modifications (49, 64, 81, 121, 256) are intended for ball-rooted seedling. They are made from frost resisting plastic with additives providing protection against ultraviolet.

Cassettes technical characteristics:

  • length is 385 mm;              
  • width is 385 mm;
  • height of SPbNIILH-81 cassette is 73-110 mm;
  • weight is around 1100 g.

Cassette have been granted a patent of RF No. 2114102568

The line of planting substrate preparation on the basis of peat

The line allows to prepare planting mixture by dosed introduction of fertilizers into peat with mixing and supplying to a cassettes filling unit. The flexible auger conveyor allows to move planting mixture both in the straight line and angle-wise. It expands possibilities of the line flexible configuration. The dosage devices provide controlled feed of fertilizers into peat. Use of frequency-controlled helical auger conveyor allows to mix mixture evenly and load it into cassettes.

Semi-automatic line of seedlings assorting and packing

Semi-automatic line of seedlings extraction and packing "SPbNIILH-LUS-01" is developed and used in LSSTs of the Leningrad Region. It has modular construction and 6 work stations with a possibility of their number increase. Maximum line speed is 600 packed boxes per shift.

It allows to work with standard "SPbNIILKh" cassettes of different modifications, "Plantek" (modifications 64, 121 and 256), or other cassettes having overall dimensions of from 350 mm x 350 mm up to 410 mm x 410 mm - in any combinations.

Semi-automatic line of seedlings transplantation

Semi-automatic line of seedlings transplantation"SPbNIILH-LPS-01" is designed and used in LSSTs of the Leningrad Region. It is intended for seedlings transplantation from cassette into cassette in a semi-automatic mode. The line has a modular construction and 8 operators' stations. It allows to transplant seedlings from 1000 cassettes into large size cassettes for one working shift. It is intended for indoor operation. The line allows to work with standard "SPbNIILH" and "Plantek" cassettes of different modifications and can be adapted for use of cassettes with different sizes. Patent No. 2015106967713 is got for the line of seedlings transplantation.

Line to prepare planting substrate based on peat

Cassettes washing and disinfection line

The universal, continuous plant is intended for cassettes of different types cleaning both with cold and hot water. Plant capacity is up to 30 cassettes per minute. Washing line does not have analogues in Russia and allows to treat cassettes with different reagents and mixtures. It is easily adjusted for operation with cassettes of different types.

Mobile ejector pin

Mobile ejector pin of seedlings SPbNIILH-VSU-01 is intended for seedlings extraction from cassettes directly on the completion of growing or acclimation field test site. It is used for SPbNIILH-81, SPBNIILH-121, as well as Plantek 81, Plantek 121 cassettes, or other models. The ejector pin design has no analogues. The independent modification does not require power supply source on site. Mobile ejector pin is made from stainless steel.

The universal planting device

The planting device SPbNIILH-PU-01 is designed for ball-rooted seedling and containerized plant to the forestry area. It is completing with different kinds of tips, depending on seedling and soil types. The device replaces the planting pipe, Kolesov's planting iron and has in its composition a device for seed-spot in the light (sandy) soil formation. It is completed with different kinds of tips for seed-spot formation for root-balled tree system seedlings of various sizes. Patent No. 2014135346 is got for the planting device.

Drying cabinet for cones and seeds

The drying cabinets are used for cones drying, more efficient extraction of seeds from cones and the seeds drying after wet separation. Opening of cones protective scales presupposes controllable drying with moisture removal. Drying chambers working volume is 900, 1800 and 3900 litres. Cabinets provide the automatic maintenance of the temperature and humidity in the working area according to preset algorithm. No analogues in Russia are produced.

Process plant boxes for elevated growth

For cassettes placement in greenhouses, as well as on the fields of growing completion or acclimation the process plant boxes are used intended for cassettes with plants elevated position above soil. In Federal State-Funded Institution SPbNIILH they have been developed in two types. For operation in the processing line with limited mechanization - lightweight SPbNIILH-ТP-01 plant boxes; for operation in the processing line with complete automation – heavy plant boxes of more rigid construction. 18 cassettes of SPBNIILH-81 type are placed on the pallet.

Device for transportation of process plant boxes

Devices for transportation of the process plant boxes (transportation devices) SPbNIILH-TU-01are intended for relocation of cassettes into the greenhouse after sowing, from the greenhouse to fields of acclimation and from the fields of acclimation to the shop for packing. The devices are transported by a loader.

Development of equipment for wood processing

Automated processing line on production of fixed construction formwork on the basis of wood chips

Automated processing line on production of fixed construction formwork on the basis of wood chips is developed in Federal State-Funded Institution SPbNIILH and intended for small sized wood processing.

Metallic constructions are produced on modern imported equipment – on laser and plasma metal cutting lines, bending and CNC metal cutting machines reducing the influence of human factor. The line is completed with electrical drives, sensors, pneumatic cells of Europe production.

Construction optimality provides convenience of the line components and units mounting, almost excludes vibration. Reliability and quality of separate assemblies guarantee reliability of operation of a plant as a whole.

In SCP -01 (ЩЦП-01) line design the modern software of automatized design which allows to create three-dimensional models of units and develop elements in details up to the bolt connections and welded joints of separate parts is used, that facilitates completion and simplifies assembly of the line.

Upon the customer's request, the plant can be adapted to conditions of a particular ground, design of separate units and complement can be changed.

Capacity - 800 square meters of plate per shift