Economic studies

Project management services

Project management is an integrated solution aimed at comprehensive consideration and assessment of the company's new activity vector.

Project management allows to describe stages of business implementation from planning to completion with due consideration of all technology features. Our specialists render the advisory assistance with respect of data collection and submission, market analysis and forecast, calendar schedule formation, investment costs calculation.

The works result is the developed business plan, presentation for investors, schedule of the project implementation since the moment of the implementation beginning to payback and profit receipt. 

Investment project development services

For decision-making with respect of business-idea financing, the preliminary calculations must be carried out. At the same time the introduction risks should be taken into consideration and reduced to minimum. Task of the investment project is to show how much the investments in one or another project will be justified.

In course of the investment project development the following list of works is carried out:

  • definition of marketable types of production or services;
  • market analysis;
  • calculation of overall production;
  • construction of logistics chain;
  • development of financial plan;
  • risks analysis.

Based on the works results, the business plan is provided to the customer.

Consulting services to obtain the status of the priority investment project in sphere forests development

The Institute provides consulting services on the project preparation and support for its inclusion into the list of priority investment projects in sphere of forests development.

Technical-economic assessment development services

Technical-economic assessment is a preliminary calculation of forestry events implementation with the aim of their performance expediency determination, costs minimization, and reduction of the payback period.

Technical-economic assessment has a narrower and more specific character unlike the business plan, it is ideally suited for projects of new technologies introduction in operating enterprise; focus on the key elements of introduction allows to lower the calculations cost and reduce development terms.

When drafting the technical-economic assessment, the specialists of an institute use modern mathematical economy models and methods of research.

Consulting service on management by procedures

Management by procedures allows to estimate operating rate, describe a picture of the key and secondary processes interaction, overall productivity of the organization's activity.

In course of works being executed the following is determined:

  • the need of automation systems introduction;
  • costs reduction possibility for main resources and infrastructure maintaining;
  • substantiation of productive capacity reduction or increase.

Practical recommendations on the enterprise's processes optimization allowing to reduce costs and increase profitability of the organization are being developed on the analysis results basis.

Technology audit conducting services

Technology audit includes an expert review and development of recommendations on enhancement of operating plant or technology solutions under designing efficiency.

Based on the audit results, the customer receives a report about nonconformance to technological parameters, as well as recommendations on the technology improvement on the basis of up-to-date methods of investigation.