Forestry seed selection 

Development of guidelines on test crop creation to provide transition to the forest seed plantations of the second order and objects designing

The main condition for the forest crops productivity improving by means of selection is the creation of the plus tree test crops and the subsequent transition to the forest seed plantations of the second order. At the same time the test crops are founded with the seed breeding of genotypes represented in plus trees and on forest seed plantations. Guidelines on test crops creating include the list of plus trees families being in use, places of forestry seed procurement (up to tree), methodology of work with the seed breeding before planting on reafforesting area, detailed diagrams of  cultures under creation mixture, methods of operation during the test crops laying, proposals for further operation of the objects.

Scientific-methodological support of works on tending implementation in test  crops of the main forest-forming species

The test crops method of creation does not contain guidelines on the above said objects management. But such events (especially, forest tending) have a significant impact on the genotype test results. Scientific-methodological support of works on test crops of the main forest-forming species handling permits to provide the preservation of necessary parameters of the field experiment with prospect of the correct genotype test results receipt in order to create the forest seed plantations of the second order.

Scientific support of works on creation of forest seed plantations of the higher genetic value

Available information about the pine and fir families current test results within the recent 50 years allows to create forest seed plantations of the higher genetic value. The institute provides the scientific-methodological support of works on creation of such plantations at all production stages (selection of necessary families and clones, stocking of cuttings off clones on available forest seed plantations and plus trees in plantings, grafting, separate growth of the vegetative breeding in greenhouses, plot selection and layout, the required planting mixture schemes observance, and etc.).

Support of works on creation and use of the unified genetic breeding pool (UGBP) objects

Effectiveness of works on forest seed growing first of all depends on the use quality of the forest breeding base available. The institute employees long experience with regards of UGBP in the Leningrad region formation allows to optimize the costs for complex of works implementation in UGBP main types of facilities creation and use, provide their proper functioning throughout the planned total useful life.

Development of forest breeding seed growing programs

The regional forest breeding seed growing development program is a basis for formation and use of the permanent forest seed base on the genetics-selection basis for the purpose of uninterrupted provision of reforestation works with normal and improved seed material in the subject of the Russian Federation.

Such program allows to carry out the current planning of forest seed growing events, forests reproduction and includes the necessary volumes of works calculations on UGBP facilities creation and management, and forestry seed procurement and processing, and etc.

Long-term harvest forecasting of basic economically valuable foresters seeds

The use of reliable scientifically substantiated methods of forest plant seeds harvest long-term forecast for 1-2 years before its harvesting permits to perform the current planning activities for forest seed production, evaluate possibilities of reforestation works with seeds provision and implement rational allocation of financial and logistical resources.

Recommendations development for the forest seed objects current management implementation

Based on the results of forest seeds objects survey (forest seed orchard (FSO), constant seed plantation (CSP)), the advisory support of their handling current works is carried out. The key objective is the forestry seed procurement volumes increase. The works include the fertilizers application, soil cultivation,  silvicultural handling, activities on seed production stimulation and seeds harvest protection against pests and diseases, and etc.

Inspection of storage sites of forest tree species seed material and development of recommendations on seeds reserve stock premises fitting

Seed production periodicity of the main forest-forming species makes to develop long-term storage methods preventing from the seeds germinating ability loss and their transition in unconditional category.

Based on the inspection results of seeds reserve stock premises of the Russian Federation constituent unit made by the Institute staff, the recommendations on their refit are being developed for the purpose of the seeds shelf life prolongation without their sowing quality loss during a maximally possible term for a particular type of woody plants.