Research Program 2014 - 2020

Considering the importance of research in forest science,  the Saint Petersburg Forestry Research Institute presents you a program method for solving problems of research, development and technological work - the Research Program for the period from 2014 to 2020.

Link to Research Program (2,2МБ)



Forest science is an integral part of forestry production. Its development and effective implementation of scientific research entail the successful functioning of the entire forestry sector.

The theoretical program has been developed with reference to the research plan of the Saint Petersburg Forestry Research Institute for the period from 2014 to 2020 and includes the following objectives:

  • organization of the sector of fundamental and applied scientific research that ensures sustainable economic growth and a high level of competitiveness of the Russian forest sector in the world market;
  • advance development of interdisciplinary fundamental research and creation of a scientific undertaking that ensures the development of a wide range of applied working in the forest sector;
  • development of the human resources potential in science, training and education of new scientific personnel;
  • development of international cooperation, integration of Russian forest science into the world scientific community;
  • ensuring the efficiency of the transition of effective scientific research to the application stage. 

Forest science and forestry development aimed to ensure a stable satisfaction of social needs in forest resources and services. Particular attention is paid to ensure a sustainable forest management, preserving and enhancing their resource and environmental potential, contributing to social and economic development, and ensuring environmental safety. 

The program method for development of research, experimental, design and technological work is the most effective, as it allows us to concentrate resources on the main sectors of scientific research, ensure the stability of funding and organize the research work at the set time. 

The Program implementation will create the necessary conditions and prerequisites for promotion of innovative activities, and will ensure effective participation of Russian scientists in the international scientific and technical sphere.

The Program covers areas such as silviculture, forestry, genetics and selection, forests pathology, assessment, modeling and management of forest resources, engineering and management in forestry. Also attention is paid to forest politics and economics, social aspects in forestry.